Every relationship takes some work, we must contribute to it ,especially the good ones. Now that you have found the girl you want to be with forever and share your heart with, what you will do next is to try and keep her happy most of the time. You can take some techniques to make your girl content and happy throughout your relationship.If you want to send her a 1997 BMW 528i (Auto),the model below may help you.

Choice 1:1997 BMW 528i (Auto) like Audi Q7
The Audi Q7 has been the biggest selling 1997 BMW 528i (Auto) in its class ever since.,and it is suitable for lady driving.If she like a cool 1997 BMW 528i (Auto) ,it is your best choice.The Q7 is a tough looking SUV. It Accents at the front and rear contribute to the visual impact. The Audi Q7 also comes with optional high-end headlight version and it integrates not only a low and high beam, and turning and 1997 BMW 528i (Auto) cornering lights, but for the first time also a special superhighway beam. In the taillights,LEDs are standard equipment. The S line exterior package is designed for women customers and is available as an optional equipment. You can order an interior with six or seven seats. The interiors are of fantastic quality and are also luxurious. The rear seat is comfortable too. The top-of-the line version of the MMI systems includes a single DVD player, a hard disk drive and voice control, with the option of including a Bluetooth telephone, an advanced radio tuner, She will enjoy it .The ride of the Q7 despite the massive alloys is very cool ,it flattens every road. There is no firmness instead of it. There is no body roll and only in tight corners the weight and the size show up despite the large size the 1997 BMW 528i (Auto) handles very well and the way it changes direction is alarming to say the least. .The steering is also light and very direct. The high-speed stability of the car is wonderful. You get a lot of safety features . If you think that the mileage of the 1997 BMW 528i (Auto) might less considering the power and all that weight. you are wrong.

Choice2:1997 BMW 528i (Auto) like minicooper
The Mini is a small 1997 BMW 528i (Auto) that was produced by BMC . The most popular British-made 1997 BMW 528i (Auto), it has since been replaced by the New MINI which was launched in 2001.Its space-saving front-wheel-drive layout influenced a generation of car-makers. It is one of the models women appreciate.The car was designed with sliding windows in the doors, it allows for storage pockets to be fitted in the space where a winding window mechanism would have been. And the boot lid was designed with the hinges at the bottom so that the car could be driven with it open to increase luggage space. On early cars the number plate was hinged so it dropped down to remain visible when the boot lid was open.All of these novel and elegant technical innovations resulted in a 1997 BMW 528i (Auto) with minimum overall dimensions .The production model differed from the original prototype. This allowed an extra reduction gear to be placed between engine and transmission The classic Mini shape had become so iconic that by the 1990s Rover Group, the heirs to BMC, were able to register its design as a trade mark in its own right,despite its utilitarian origins.The stop-and-start demands of tennis call for that footwear have lots of ,additional support, cushioning,and significantly extra durable outsoles, that include weight.it has faithfully served its operating master with midsole program and cushioned people hardworking ft with gel cushioning. Heavy runners give additional credit history for your additional cushioning regardless belonging to the excess fat around the feet. Another choice,Hope you like.

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